Evolution <> Google Calendar two-way sync

By robrt on Sunday 21 June 2009 05:10 - Comments (7)
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Current version of Evolution (2.26.1) in Ubuntu 9.04 - and probably others as well ;) - now supports two-way sync between Evolution's calendar and Google calendar.

To set it up:
• Go to "Calendar" in Evolution
• File, New, Calendar

Use the following settings:
• Type: Google
• Name: anything. only used to represent the calendar within Evolution
• Username: your full Google account address (including @gmail.com if it's gmail)
• Refresh: set as desired. I set it to 5 min. Quick enough for updates, low enough to prevent hammering Google's servers all the time
• Use SSL: enabled
• Calendar: press "Retrieve list" and - after giving your password - you should be shown a list of your Google calendars.

Finally, pick a pretty color to go along with it and you're all set! :)

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By Tweakers user Chilly_Willy, Sunday 21 June 2009 06:38

Nice, thanks for the tip!

By Tweakers user FailFr8er, Sunday 21 June 2009 07:42

Well that took them ages. Why on earth did it have to take this long :X. I've used Evolution in the past en this was one of the major hurdles, no decent syncing options without fuss.

By Tweakers user Trinsec, Sunday 21 June 2009 07:53

Ha, handig. Dat kan ik later gebruiken. :)

By Tweakers user Faust, Sunday 21 June 2009 12:32

_/-\o_ we need more people like you, Rob.

By Tweakers user robrt, Sunday 21 June 2009 18:27

epic_fail: meh, you're right. was unintentional fanboyism tho :+

By Tweakers user fleppuhstein, Sunday 21 June 2009 20:29

Just makes me so sad that there is no support for recurrence.
That really is a basics for calenders, since they both support it.

By angelus1969, Friday 3 July 2009 09:01

Finally decent two-way support, although decent.... no support for all-day events or for repeating events. So still a lang way to go I'm afraid...

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