Gnome 'Applications' menu suddenly empty

By robrt on Sunday 19 July 2009 14:32 - Comments (2)
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Just had a strange bug using the "Main menu" tool in Gnome; after some fiddling around it removed all items from my "Applications" menu.
For some reason this tool removed all contents of the file, rendering my gnome panel useless.

Luckily, there's a pretty straight-forward fix for this.

• Open a terminal window (Alt+F2 -> gnome-terminal)
• Verify the file is empty: cat ~/.config/menus/
• If it is, edit the file: nano ~/.config/menus/
• Paste the following in the file:

PUBLIC '-//freedesktop//DTD Menu 1.0//EN'
<MergeFile type="parent">/etc/xdg/menus/</MergeFile>

• Save & exit
• Restart the Gnome panel using "killall gnome-panel"

That's all. :)

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By Tweakers user himlims_, Sunday 19 July 2009 14:42

indeed quite annoying to have an empty startmenu :)
had some simular issue with kde, but was easy fixed by adding a new startmenu to the panel and removing the old one.

By Tweakers user thegve, Sunday 19 July 2009 18:51

Ah, that's annoying. Gnome-panel is having some issues in the past year, I've had more problems with it crashing and doing weird stuff.
I checked my /etc/xdg... file (didn't know of it's existence), and vim is changing my mouse cursor in something much cooler (getting the cursor out of vim and the normal cursor is back again). Can't think of anything except auto-updates causing this. Always fun running an unstable Debian.

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